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   It all began in the year 2000 when Jeff and Marie, two University students studying at a reputable University in  Baguio City, Philippines had their first stint teaching a handful of Korean students learning English. This marked the beginning of their teaching journey that made them immerse themselves in learning new trends in education and simultaneously teaching ESL to as many students as possible.


Influenced by the ideals of the founder of their Alma Mater and armed with a dream of establishing a learning institution someday, Jeff and Marie pursued higher studies in Education to lay a foundation for a solid academic career.
To gain a competitive advantage, Jeff obtained a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Master in Public Administration. He is currently pursuing further Legal studies, a PhD degree in Educational Management, and
is working on a graduate research work in Distance Education at the University of the Philippines Open University. Marie on the other hand, obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Bachelor of Laws, and Master
in Business Administration . 


 In 2010, Jeff started a fruitful career in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. He worked for an American multinational company engaged in communications technology, entertainment and customer service.
This milestone highlighted his discovery of how it is like transacting in a networked environment.


 The duo had the opportunity to be invited to work for
a language tutorial school catering to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other nationalities.


 In the fulfillment of University capstone research project
that required to focus on a current educational problem
and a possible solution to it, the duo's extensive knowledge about the issues and needs of Korean language learners led them to look into a solution that would solve the high cost and ineffectiveness of ESL learning in a traditional classroom setting.


 Alongside a team of like-minded professionals in the field of education and technology, the team worked on combining
a host of online open source platforms that would bridge English teachers and learners online, thus Speak English was born.


 It was also in this year that, Max and Jen, two Korean English enthusiasts, welcomed the idea of bringing Speak English to Korea and other country because they always believed that home is where their heart is.


 Speak English is all about passion, perseverance,
and selflessness.

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